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Babies, children, families, and blankets!

It sure has been a busy couple of weeks around here! In the past two weeks, there have been newborn babies, toddlers, and families for their photo sessions. It has been so much fun capturing the children from our local kinder in some fundraising orchard sessions. I love getting to know the kids that my daughter spends a few days each week with, and it was so lovely to meet their families as well.

I have also had my first request for product photography this past week. I was sent a really beautiful Milestone blanket and bib by a company, and requested to provide images for their various e-commerce platforms. The cutest little model came in, and we had a lot of fun capturing him with the products. I just might have to take on more of these jobs!

Here's a pic of my littlest one. He wanted to be a baby model too! haha

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